Outros Plantas Telestack TC-424

Especificaçoes da equipe

Tipo Outros Plantas
Marca Telestack
Modelo TC-424
Ref-nr. E01757
Descriçao Unused tracked self propelled conveyor, capable of stockpiling 8 inch ( -200mm ) down crushed or screened material, up to 400 tph capacity, max. operating hight; 10,80 mtr, operating length; min. 14.6 mtr, max. 23.60 mtr, 3.415 m/ton max stockpile capacity at 23 degr., 1000 mm belt width, 3 cylinder Deutz D2011 engine, CE marked.


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Delta Africa

Sales Department

+254 (0) 734 211 444

+254 (0) 412 000 442

Zanzibarroad 1/165, Shimanzi, 80100, Mombasa, (QUéNIA)

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